Dockers contacted me about checking out a few pairs of their relatively new Alpha Khaki - i jumped at the opportunity and had a blast imploding my closet pairing these with some new and some old items. 

Dockers also reached out to my buddy Jace. coincidentally we chose two of the same colors: camo & white. so we decided to do a little camo pant q&a:

-What’s different about Dockers Alpha Khaki?

dillon: comfort, cut & cost. i’m normally stuttin’ in stiff denim or canvas and find myself regularly avoiding chinos/khakis - because of lack of colors, difficulty finding a decent fit and simple fear of change. the Alpha Khaki kind of blew me away, after ripping open the package they were soft - like, actually soft. still sturdy & with a bit of stretch but the Alpha slid on and was comfortable from minute one (even during my new-pants jumping jacks) its narrow in the correct spots and the price is right. at $59 the alpha khaki doesnt make you give up snowcones all summer. 

jace: The big difference that I noticed is how comfortable they are.  There’s no breaking in process, you just wear them.  

I also really like the tapered bottoms.  It makes them easy to wear with shoes and boots.  None of that bootcut shit.  Slim and fitting all they way down.
Oh, and the orange buttons.  Real hunting season-esque.  

-How did you choose to style the Camo Alpha Khaki?

dillon: this pair really stretched me - camo is tough and wasnt something i’d normally wear so i decided to break a few of my own rules and play around with it. although camo is meant to blend in, it definitely attracts the eye. so i let it. it’s the focus and you’re the “guy in camo pants” no matter what. i didn’t want anything else on me fighting for attention. the color really is true camo & the pattern is nicely balanced so you can easily play to any of the tones. and it’s great for - you know, hiding in the woods & stuff.

jace: People can over think a pattern when it’s really all you need.  I paired it with a plain t and a pair of espadrilles.  

Some wrist noise.  
And I’m good.

-How would you wear these during the Summer?

dillon: camo apparel has really been making a splash in the past few seasons and as a relatively lightweight pant these might be nice to toss on this summer when the sunsets. stand out with a ‘blend in’ pattern amongst a sea of boat shoes and nantucket reds. also: flip flops on everything.

jace: I would roll these up past my calves (if they weren’t so big) and just enjoy that Summer weather.  The Alpha is light enough to wear in some heat and not so tight that it’s tough to sit 3rd grade indian style in the grass.  Anything lightweight is where I’m at this Summer. Loose t’s and khakis all the way.

check out jace’s look here

shirt via j.crew
shirt via mimi’s nyc
alpha khaki via dockers
loafers via allen edmond

photographed & highfived by grant heinlein

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